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Our goal: Make your perfect dream vacation come true !

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, traveling on a budget or planning a luxurious trip, our experts would be happy to design and arrange the perfect experience for you.

We do not believe in one-program-fits-all trips. Our experts excel in getting to know our customers, their interests, their expectations, their fitness level when required, their budget, and all other details that would help them put together the perfect program.

Our privileged relationship with the locals and professional service providers, combined with our deep knowledge of the wide range of different experiences (cultural, historical, culinary, architectural, sports and adventure, shopping …) that Morocco offers, allows us to build for you inspiring, insightful and immersive experiences.

Whatever your dream trip is, let us help you make it come true!

Themed Tours

Dream your trip, we’ll make it come true!

Morocco possesses a diverse and lively history that witnessed a long succession of different ruling people such as the Berbers, Romans, Arabs, Moors, Spanish and French. This diversity is reflected through many aspects of Moroccan life, namely the languages, the clothing, the cuisine, the architecture, the music and the culture.

Our experienced team of travel experts puts a network of proven product and service providers to work for you, creating a seamless itinerary embracing your every wish. We adapt out programs to your specific needs and profile, in the aim of to show the great combination of Morocco’s richness and diversity by suggesting a variety of theme topics, accompanied by specialist and experts:

  • Architecture Tours
  • Arts and crafts
  • Culinary art and gastronomy.
  • Yoga and welness
  • Golf
  • Fashion and design tours
  • Bird watching tours.
  • Agriculture tours
  • Cultural and archeological tours.
  • Jewish heritage tours